is the agency of the untrodden path

We're here to take our clients and work in new directions by pioneering digital possibilities and reinventing what's worked in the past.

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A bit like an Earl

About us

We are the agency of the untrodden path. 32 people with over 250 years of experience. Unilever and RBS and Sky and Ordnance Survey and Freedom from Torture and 25 other clients.

An 18 year-old agency with a start-up's spirit. 2013's Most Innovative Company at the New York Women in Business Awards. A business whose first client is still here. Friday Food and Pearl's laugh. Founders leading projects for clients and making tea for colleagues. Inspiring ideas in digital, film, social, print and face-to-face. Branding, internal communications, charity fundraising, advertising, online content. A yellow pencil. A gold Stevie award. A grade A credit rating. A big agency that just happens to be small. 

This is other.

Definitely not for idiots

Disruption works

Their ideal customer is a confident, challenging and confrontational entrepreneur who would invest in new unlisted equities online. Exactly how we saw their ideal launch campaign.


They saw


Agency of the year needs new shelf

Does anyone have a spare awards shelf they can let us have? Our old one is in danger of cracking and we’re running out of places to put them.

We’ve been trying to find room for more heavyweight trophies than we’ve ever received in a single year before, winning global awards for clients including Unilever, Ordnance Survey, Alphasights, and JLL. And the 2015 judging season isn’t over yet.  

Next month, we’ll add the biggest of the lot as we collect an Agency of the Year award at the International Business Awards (‘the Oscars of Business’). Perhaps we ought to say something modest and self-effacing at this point, such as it’s what we do on behalf of our clients that really matters and awards don’t always tell you about how an agency really performs, but forget all that. We won and we’re the best and it’s brilliant.  

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We like


Freedom from Torture wanted to show how baking can be therapeutic for torture survivors. So we created the campaign, developed a blogger-led social media strategy and organised a bakesale to show our support.

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